The WASTELANDER PANDA Saga: Part 5 – Release

This is the fifth and last in a series of blog posts about Wastelander Panda for Ted Hope’s Hope for Film blog. You can read the first four here [Development], here [Promotion], here [Financing] and here [Production].

Part Five focuses on the release of the films, including how we chose to balance festivals, real world events and our online release.

Below is the first part of the article, or you can read the entire thing here.


Part 5. Release: Wrap-Up & What’s Next

Our final step in this stage of the Wastelander Panda journey was to release the films. We did this in three stages – a preview at the SXSW Film Festival in March, two back-to-back screenings at a local cinema in Adelaide on May 27th, and an online release that same evening.

We had different reasons and goals for each of these three steps:


Wastelander Panda was never intended to be screened at festivals. It’s primarily an online project, and we wanted as wide an audience as possible to be able to access the films, as son as possible. Having already kept our online audience waiting for more than a year since the Prologue we didn’t want to delay the release of our new episodes any longer than necessary, by holding the films back for the ‘exclusivity’ of the festival circuit.

Read the rest of the post on the Hope for Film website:

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