Exhaustion & Balance: My 2012

Philip Bloom wrote this post about Work/Life Balance on January 1st, and it really resonated with me, especially after the year I’ve just had.

2012 was exhausting. It was exhilarating, challenging, rewarding and exciting, but even after a few days off over Christmas to relax and prepare for 2013, exhausting is still the most appropriate adjective.

You know your work/life balance is off when you find yourself sitting in the hallway of your accommodation 20 minutes before you need to leave for one of your best friend’s weddings, hurriedly finishing off a client meeting via Skype on an intermittent wireless signal so you can get dressed and make it to the venue in time. Or sitting in a French hotel bathroom in the middle of the night, sorting out logistics for a shoot during Australian business hours, while attempting not to wake your boyfriend – six feet away – for the fifth or sixth night in a row. Yup, things were bad.

Still, looking back at everything I’ve done, and considering I’ve escaped any dire consequences (I’m still alive, and despite threats to the contrary, he still doesn’t hate me), it was worth it. Don’t get me wrong, 2013 will be different. Drastic changes are required in my life, and I’m working hard to make them happen. But some amazing things happened in 2012, so here’s a summary for your reading pleasure:

Wastelander Panda
On January 24th, we released our 3 minute Prologue for Wastelander Panda, and within just 3 days it had over 100,000 views. It’s the first “real” project I’ve ever produced, and I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved, from raising $25,000 in crowdfunding, to being featured as an Easter Egg in Borderlands 2, to being accepted as panellists at SXSW 2013… and all that’s on top of shooting three episodes for online release this year. It’s been a huge journey, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the awesome group of people I work with. (We have a Wastelander Panda 2012 Round-Up post on our blog if you’re interested in reading more).

Camera Assisting
My background is in camera department, and I’ve worked on features, shorts and TVCs as an AC for the past 5 years. In between producing, I managed to fit in several assisting jobs in 2012, including international TVCs for Nurofen (with the inspiring Maryse Alberti as DP) and AEON (a Japanese supermarket chain), as well as many national and local jobs.

Social Media & Crowdfunding Consulting
Since Wastelander Panda’s online success, Ella Macintyre and I have been offering social media & crowdfunding consulting for filmmakers and businesses, and have been privileged to work with an incredibly broad range of clients. It’s been a great opportunity to not only share our knowledge, but to learn from some fantastic filmmakers and entrepreneurs about different aspects of their own work.

Other Work
I was also lucky to be able to work or offer my time in many other roles, from cinematography to photography to admin to catering. One of the things I love about my life is the amazing variation in what I’m doing from day to day. It’s not everyone who has the opportunity to travel to such incredible places, or meet some of the best people in the world at what they do, and I think of it as a privilege everytime. The exhaustion is worth it.

Projects / Companies / People I Worked for & with in 2012:


Places Visited, for Work & Pleasure:


And the rest?
My plan is to focus this blog around filmmaking and related work, but here are some other key moments from 2012:


Overall, a pretty productive year, and I’m looking forward to achieving just as much in 2013 by working ‘smarter’ rather than longer.

This is the kind of post that I could spend hours on, looking back over every moment of the past year, but it’s currently 35 degrees at 8pm and my friends are on their way to the beach. Time to shut down the computer. 2013 is all about balance.

P.S. Graphics were made with http://infogr.am/.

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