The WASTELANDER PANDA Saga: Part 1 – Development

One of the things I am constantly amazed at in the film industry is the willingness of other filmmakers to offer assistance to those trying to make it.  I’ve been so lucky over the past several years to have an amazing array of people to turn to for advice, beginning while I was still at university and continuing as I developed my career further.

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However, it’s one thing to have people in your own city support you, and a completely different ballgame when the person giving you their time is one of the world’s major independent producers.  As mentioned in my first blog post this year, I heard Ted Hope speak in Sydney in 2012, and his philosophical approach to filmmaking really resonated with me.  Many of his topics of discussion were strongly aligned with ideas I had been trying to formulate myself.  Having mentioned him in that blog post, I was thrilled when he saw the Twitter link and took the time to leave a reply.

A month or so later, I discovered we would be speaking on the same day at SXSW, so I reached out on the off chance that he would have time to catch up.  That resulted in Ted and his wife Vanessa agreeing to meet me for a great conversation over frozen margaritas at a little Mexican place across the road from the Austin Convention Center.  As well as some advice around the release of our episodes, Ted offered me the option of writing an overview of the Wastelander Panda journey for his blog, Hope for Film – a place I have often turned for wisdom in the past.

That’s the kind of offer you don’t turn down, so together with Wastelander Panda’s Writer/Director Victoria Cocks and PMD Ella Macintyre, I put together a series of five posts that sheds some light on each stage of the process we took to bring the Wastelander Panda episodes to life.  They’ll be released each Monday (US time) starting today and ending on September 16th.  The beginning of Part 1 is below.  If you’re interested, head on over to this link for more:

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Part 1 – Development: Creating the Storyworld of Wastelander Panda

One of the first questions we’re asked when people hear about Wastelander Panda is “How did you come up with the idea?”  It’s a strange concept – the meshing of two ideas that don’t necessarily fit – but this seemingly incongruous pairing is one reason we believe the project has had so much attention so far.  Our initial three-minute Prologue, designed to test the concept and see if we had an audience, had over 100,000 views in its first three days online.  However, our success hasn’t all come down to luck, but is due to a carefully planned process that saw us create a story world from scratch and go on to implement an online distribution strategy.

Here’s the link for the rest of the first blog post:

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